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Doris Law said:

I have the best memories of working for Prof. Kao as a novice some thirty years ago when he started the grand project of establishing the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK. He showed me the way to do things well, and with so much forbearance and generosity. He is the best role model ever, and his guidance will be cherished in my heart. What an amazing person and what a remarkable life that he has led. I am grateful I had the chance to know him and have worked for him. He will be deeply missed.
My sincere condolences,
Doris Law

陳亮光 said:

感謝您的高瞻遠矚,在90年代初就提出科技發展的重點(信息科技、生物科技、材料科技、環境科技), 及其他重要研發的新方向。
感謝您讓我陪你,在多個星期日下午,一起吹口哨 悠游於美麗清優的中大校園。讓我學習如何學以致用,將通信原理用於改善人與人間的溝通與理解。
最後,感謝您讓我明瞭,“喜怒哀樂之未發,謂之中;發而皆中節,謂之和” 及 “大人者不失其赤子之心” 是什麽含意。
信息工程系 陳亮光

陈健 said:



Limin Xiao said:


Chen Qian said:

(student from the same department)

I just came IE department for less than a month, but Kao's contribution has led me a deep impression on my mind ever since I got the offer. On the day he passed away, I just passed by his statue in SHB, and stood for a while thinking that how lucky our department was to have him as the founder. Then I received the letter to inform of his death.
I am so sorry to hear that. He is the father of all us IE student, is also someone who I will mention with great honor every time I introduce our faculty. Just a few hours ago, I took an interview and said: "Do you have any idea of our faculty? it's the one founded by Prof.Kao."
He is the source of IE people's confidence. Although he left us, we will still pass the confidence down through generation. Goodbye to the noble soul.RIP!

Soung C. Liew said:

Charles was an idol, a mentor, and a friend to me. I probably would not have worked on “optical communication networks” for my PhD thesis were it not for the pioneering work of Charles. I would not have landed in HK, working in CUHK, were it not for the fact that Charles visited Bellcore, my previous employer, every summer in the early nineties. I most definitely would not have taken the many paths I had taken in CUHK over the years were it not for the encouragement and inspiration from Charles.

I found in my computer a photograph taken in 1999. The occasion was probably my family and Frank Tong’s family visiting Charles and Gwen during the Chinese New Year. Charles was showing a few hand tricks that rely on physical laws to my two kids who had no idea who Charles was. They were playing all sorts of irreverent and impolite pranks on Charles and Gwen, who just took it as good fun -- the very human and kind side of Charles and Gwen.

Professor Soung Liew
Division Head
Department of Information Engineering

Jianbin Xu said:

(Faculty of Electronic Engineering Department)

In Memory of Prof. Charles Kao, a giant in science, innovation, education, and administration.
My great respect and sincere condolences.

Raymond W. Yeung said:

(Relationship: colleague, friend, fan)

While there are many brilliant inventions in engineering, seldom do we find one that has no alternative. Optical fiber is one such invention. Prof. Kao asserted that there would be no alternative for optical fiber in 1000 years, but he added that one should not believe in experts, because he had not either.
We used to see Prof. Kao having lunch by himself at the Franklin Student Canteen from time to time. It had been our privilege and honor to be close to this extraordinary yet ordinary person. Charles, we all owe you a lot.
Raymond Yeung
Department of Information Engineering

Hon Ki TSANG said:

When I was a PhD student in waveguide optics, sponsored by STL in the 1980s, I was a regular visitor at the STL research labs in Harlow where Professor Kao did his early experiments on optical fibers. Many of the researchers there still remembered him as down-to-earth researcher: just like the rest of us! Professor Kao changed the world with his vision and predictions for optical fiber communications. He achieved so much but was always so respectful of others and modest. I shall always treasure the memories of him. When I joined CUHK as a lecturer in 1993, I received an invitation, with other newly appointed junior academics, to visit his official residence for tea in the weekend - he took the time to meet and nurture talents even the most junior of academic staff despite being so busy as vice chancellor of the university. He was a true visionary who led be example and understood the bigger picture for the future.

Ji Yi said:

The fiber optic communications industry will remember the ancestors who have gone

Rodney S. Ruoff said:

Our family, Akiko and Rod and boys Christopher and Adrian, offer our sincerest condolences to the family of Professor Kao. May God Bless you.

余长源 said:



Liu Xiu Zhen said:

如今,通过光纤的传导 ,汇聚着您的传奇

罗怀健 said:


Nicholas LI Hanchen said:

Rest in Peace Dr. Kao.
I admire your personality of contributing to the scientific development of Hong Kong as well as CUHK. You work with the aim of improving our society instead of pursuing fame and fortune. You are always my idol.

翟政安 said:



KLW and Hayley said:

(Student of information engineering)

Thank you for connecting everything all over the world. Without you, without IE.
Rest in peace.

Calvin C. K. Chan said:

Professor Kao indeed among the most influential people in our Faculty of Engineering at CUHK. I was greatly indebted by Professor Kao for his futuristic vision in the internet and information technology. When he served as the Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, he founded our Faculty of Engineering as well as our Department of Information Engineering (IE) at CUHK. I was fortunate to be the first batch of undergraduate students admitted to the new Faculty under the 4-year Integrative Engineering Programme and I enrolled in the IE Programme in my second year of study. This brought me to the new world of fascinating information age, and made me acquaint the evolution of the modern telecommunication and networking technologies. I have also carried out research in optical fiber communications in my Ph.D. study. Prof. Kao’s contributions in optical fiber communications really enable the nowadays’ 4G/5G mobile systems, cloud computing, ultrahigh capacity long-haul optical fiber systems as well as internet of things, which greatly enhance the well-being of people. I would remember him and learn from his excellent scholarship & leadership.
My deepest condolences to Professor Kao’s family.
Calvin C.K. Chan
Department of Information Engineering

吴兆丰 said:


Ken Chan said:

(IE graduate)

焜 : 光明

Gordon Zhan 詹益銓 said:

Your life enlighten our world with your inspiration!

孔令韬 said:


Chan Ka Ming said:


陈向飞 said:


張宏艷 Lavender Cheung said:


胡卫生 said:


Lewis said:


Samuel Chan said:


Albert Ng said:


LWC said:

Thank you for your contribution to the world!

Hung Chun Wai said:

Thank you Prof. Charles Kao

張海澎 said:


winnie cheung said:

無私奉獻 無言感激.

Winnie Ling said:

You're the hero of this age. R.I.P.

邱伯 said:

..- ---.. ---.. -.... ...-- ..- ----. ---.. -.. ..-. ..- --... ..--- ...-- -.... ..- -.... -... -.-. -..

王亮 said:

(電子工程學系光纖通信方向老師 )


電子工程學系 王亮

Anna said:


李東 said:

(Friend and colleague)

北冥有魚,其名為鯤, 鯤之大,不知其幾千里也, 化而為鳥,其名為鵬, 鵬之背,不知其幾千里也。。怒而飛,其翼若垂天之雲。是鳥也,海運則將徙於南冥。南冥者,天池也。“莊子·逍遙遊”

Tony Lee said:

(Friend and colleague)

We have lost a very dear colleague and a faithful leader.
Charles Kao embodied two values that have left an indelible mark on the Chinese University of Hong Kong: independent thinking; and a commitment to promote scientific research. I’ll never forget what he said when I asked him why he still believed in fiber optic communications while most experts considered it is inconceivable: “No one ever proved it is impossible.” That is why he brought so much largeness of heart when he was the Vice-Chancellor of CUHK.
What a great man and he will sure be missed. He is a very special person in my heart. Not only was it enlightening to have conversations with him, but I've never met a more educated scholar. His death, though tragic, will not be in vain. And he has a great reward in heaven!

My sincere condolences,
Tony Lee
Emeritus Professor of Information Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

許建斌 said:



李京爽 said:


The world is getting smaller, and,

湯潔玲 said:

Dear Professor Kao, Will never forget your grace, your courage, your total dedication for bringing us a better life and a new digital culture in human civilization. May God bless our hero always!
Rest In Peace!

溫婉芬 Melody Wan said:

半 湖 煙 水 半 湖 秋
曲 徑 紅 亭 獨 自 遊
哀 歎 今 宵 圓 月 夜
賢 翁 不 復 上 層 樓
戊戌年 秋

李岳祐 said:


Fiona Tse said:

With the education received from you regarding the communication with light, we're all able to communicate with people without a limit...
Heartfelt thanks for you, Professor Kao.

Omar Wing said:

(Former colleague and friend)

Charles Kao was special to me. He gave me an opportunity to help establish an engineering faculty at CUHK. With his guidance, encouragement and support, I was able to recruit some best people in their fields to join CUHK. Many came because of Charles. The faculty now ranks among the best engineering schools.
Volumes have been written to honor him for his contributions to fiber optics and optical communication, which has made possible the internet revolution that has so dramatically benefitted humankind. I shall not repeat them here, except to say that I read one of his original papers in which he showed how the index of refraction should be varied in a fiber so to concentrate the light beam to minimize propagation loss. When I read it I was convinced that Charles would soon be recognized as a great scientist, and he was, many times, world-wide, culminating in the Nobel Prize in 2009.
Not to be overlooked was his contribution to education in Hong Kong. Prior to 1991, under the colonial rule, young people had very few opportunities to study engineering in Hong Kong. Charles initiated an electronics program at CUHK in 1970 and set up the Faculty of Engineering in 1991. Now aspiring engineers can obtain a university education second to none.
Charles was a gentle person, always polite to everyone, regardless his/her social station, friend or foe. He never wanted to harm anyone, always looked for the best in people. This trait marks a great man that he was.
We shall miss him, for his vision, wisdom and kindness.

Jennifer Wong said:

Selfless genius, with a caring heart! Rest in Peace!

張國偉 said:


Anonymous said:

Thank you for your selfless contribution to the world. Thank you.

Felix Chong said:


Winnie Chan said:

THANK YOU for all that you have done! You will be missed for your invention, and trust in students.

Kevin Chow said:

Thank you Prof. Kao for your leadership as Vice-chancellor and contribution to science.

KB lai said:

Rest in Peace. God be with you and your family.

Joaquim Vong said:

Thank you for your contribution to nowadays. Your passion on Science and technology inspired too many young fellows. You will be remembered always!

Angela said:

May you rest in peace :) I am so happy for you that you are entering heaven and admire you for your work without asking for fame or money.

李曉明 said:



Lau Wan Yee, Joseph said:

Dear Family Members of Professor Sir Charles Kao,

Please accept my deep condolences on the death of Professor Sir Charles Kao. He was a giant who contributed so much to mankind. He will always be remembered as the “Father of Fiber Optic Communications” by us.

May he rest in peace!

Sincere sympathy,

Lau Wan Yee, Joseph

Rosaline Chan said:

(CUHK Staff)

Please accept my most sincere condolences on the death of Professor Charles Kao. Professor Kao was a great scholar, scientist and innovator. He made evolutionary changes to our life in communication and information transmission. His tremendous contributions keep us stay in touch any time and everywhere in the planet. He will be remembered forever.


敬悼 高錕校長

流芳百世 榮歸天家

94 ELE 蘇子翔 敬輓

Amy Yuen said:


黃麥錦英 said:





Andrew Tang said:

(Alumni of University)

The world is very different because of Prof Kao. Thanks for your contributions to the University and to science. We are able to live in this digital world and thanks to all your contributions.

AJ Chan said:

(CUHK Alumni)

Thank you for your contribution to the world! R.I.P.

Louis Tsai said:

(EE Student)

Prof. Kao founded the EE department at CUHK. Without his hard work, there wouldn't be a world class EE department in Hong Kong. And I wouldn't be a EE graduate of the department. After I graduated, Prof. Kao went back to CUHK and became the Vice Chancellor. With his leadership, many world class researches were spawned out and formed the foundation of many advanced research work His Nobel prize achievement has made CUHK EE department name shine and bright worldwide. Today, I am working in the United States and I am very proud of telling my colleagues, IEEE friends and my employers that I am a EE student of Prof. Kao. I will remember him forever. RIP. My deep condolences to Mrs. Kao.

L.K. said:

CUHK Staff


Anna P Y Tsui said:

We are much grateful that Prof. Kao has set up a role model for us all in the world and the CUHK, as a great researcher, a respectful vice-chancellor and a caring teacher to the students. We will always remember him.

H said:

thanks for your contribution!

Anonymous said:

Thank you for your "optical fiber"! It makes us "global"!!

Anonymous said:

I'm here to post this message because of your technique! Thank you for being such a great model to CUHK students.



Mike Lee said:

Thank you for your exploration of using light as the medium of communication and also for being my principal when I was studying at CUHK.

Alexandra HU said:

(Student of IE Department)


陳衍祥 said:



還記得當年就讀大學一年级數學系,某一天我鼓起勇氣,去到高教授辦公室,拍他房門求見,表達我想下年度,轉投入電子系的懷抱;他說:"可以呀!", 並鼓勵我讀好物理科就是了。


Wei-Hsin Liao said:

Chairman and Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, CUHK


Many thanks for farsighted vision and impactful contributions!

李煜智 said:


尊敬的高教授,感謝你為人類帶來的貢獻。 您對科研的熱誠,尋求信念的執著,為我等後輩樹立了優秀的榜樣。 您的笑容永遠是如此的可親,願您可安息,永遠懷念您。 謝謝。

David Chan said:


李瑞珏 said:


杨磊 said:



C.C. Chan said:

Honorary Secretary and Vice President, Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences

Most sincere condolences and sympathy to Prof. Charles Kao’s family. Prof. Charles Kao is our great teacher and great friend. He inspired us innovation for the welfare of human kind. He has made profound contribution to the invention of optic communications that changed the world. His spirits will be with us forever. We will remember him forever.

Vanessa Ma文君 said:









A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for you are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, you live on. Please accept my condolences, you will not be forgotten.

陳錦泰 said:




Anonymous said:

Thank you very much for your contribution to the CUHK community and to the world.

Patti Lam said:

(CUHK staff member from Faculty of Medicine)

Dear Professor Sir Kao,
From a ’total internal reflection’ principle to the ‘optical fibre’ development and ultimately linking up the people anytime & everywhere. I am lucky that I could learn your work from my high school Physics and can be one of the many witnesses over the world in expressing my thanks to you and your family via this digital platform. Thanks for changing the world by your commitment in making a different everyday in your life. You are inspiring people every day!
God bless to your family members!

Adrian Wong said:

(Graduate of Engineering, CUHK)

My deepest condolences to the family of Prof. Kao. May his soul rest in peace. His greatness will last forever.

C.C.Chan said:

Former Honorary Secretary and Vice President, Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences

Prof, Charles Kao has inspired us. He is a Founding Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences (HKAES). The following photo shows he led the HKAES Delegation to Beijing for the joint Symposium with the Chinese Academy of Engineering on Commercialization of High Tech. I served as the Honorsy Secretary of the Academy.

Katy said:


世人不會忘記你對時代進步的偉大貢獻,中大人也不會忘記你對中大的貢獻和你的寬大。Rest in peace.

Dr Ming-Leung V... said:

The research topic of fibre optics had shaped a huge part of my professional life; Professor Kao will be missed by me as one of the greatest scholar. Condolences to his family and friends.

KH NG said:

Thank you very much for your great contribution to the world.
May your soul rest in peace.

Kai Fong Lee said:

Thanks to Professor Charles Kao, I was able to spend 11 happy years as a faculty member in the Department of Electronics from 1973 to 1984.

A great scientist/educator and kind human being.

Sheung-Tak Cheng said:

Rest In Peace! God has taken away all your sorrows in the past 10 years.

Joseph KU said:

你的光鑯發明成就 堪比中華四大發明 名垂千秋,
你的謙謙君子風範 堪為千萬世人之師 光耀中華。
所有中國人民都以你為榮 !
所有中華兒女都以你為師 !

Tham Chee Yung,... said:

Dear Mrs. Kao and Family Members of Professor Sir Charles Kao,
Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of Professor Sir Charles Kao.
We will always remember Professor Kao, not only for his world-changing research accomplishments, but also as an inspiring leader, a dedicated teacher, and above all, a most kind-hearted gentleman deserving our utmost respect. He will always be a role model for so many of us!
May Professor Kao rest in peace.
With deepest sympathy,
Tham Chee Yung, Clement

liyinzhong said:


Emily Chiu said:

Dear Mr. Kao,

your innovative spirit lives on forever. You are a true inspiration to all mankind.

Rest In Peace

Frank Mok said:

Thanks so very much for your great contribution. RIP.

CY Wong said:

Thanks for being the humble model for human beings. Sad that I couldn't interact with you personally and have you as the vice-chancellor during my time in CUHK.
Deepest condolence to your family.

周國棟 said:



李凌陽 said:

中國電子科技大學 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


Lee Chi Pong said:

(CUHK Engineering Faculty alumni (1995))

Rest in peace, Professor Kao! Many thanks for your great contribution both to CUHK and the world! You will always be remembered!

黃信桁 said:

(中大生物系校友 (1993-96))

願您安息! 再見!

CK Pan said:




王閩 said:



Leung Chi Kit said:


沒有高教授的發明,到了2018年9月我們還要用56K modem龜速上網;
沒有高教授的發明,沒有Youtube, Facebook, Instagram等網站的出現;
沒有高教授的發明,沒有大數據、雲端、Google Map、百度地圖的出現。

Karen Tsoi said:

(Student of CUHK)

Dear Professor Kao,
Without your deep engagement in Science, I would never been able to share with you how I feel with ease in front of the computer. And thanks to the techonology, I can connect with my families in Hong Kong and other parts of the world, which means from a family perspective, I know your family will miss you so soo much! And it is a blessing to find yourselves, express your kind side through your expertise, and found someone in life that will never forget you! :)

馬國揚 (Nathan MA) said:

(1997 化學)

高錕校長 :







Ben said:

Your profound wisdom led to the invention of optic fibers, which eventually shaped a whole new world.
Thank you, for all the contributions and hope you will rest in peace.

Billy Cheung said:

(CUHK student)

Thank you so much. Rest in peace.

Nathalie said:


Nathalie said: